About Us


Summerhill Esates Limited is a subsidiary of Nananom Group of Companies, domiciled in Canada. It is a fully registered company under the Companies Code 1963 Act 179. In its short period of existence, Summerhill Estate offers and continues to offer high quality residential facilities to the utmost satisfaction of clients. Summerhill, unlike other real estate companies caters sensitively to the needs of both high end and middle class individuals. Apartments and condos are available to be purchased out rightly or to be leased for rent. The rent scheme is unique in the sense that, unlike the prevailing situation where landlords tend to collect advanced rent unconditionally, Summerhill makes the option available to pay rent on a monthly basis. Summerhill is so far the number one estate company in Ghana, providing the most exclusive community living with the most satisfied residents. The essence is affordability. We exist to safeguard your peace of mind. Summerhill Estates, Where we call Home.


Where We Call Home


To be the foremost real estate developer in Ghana with excellent community conditions and a cozy residential experience coupled with unrivaled support services.


To create affordable convenience in the housing industry while attending to residential needs to aid in reducing the housing deficit in the country


C – Cautious construction

A – Affordable facilities

R – Resplendent residences

E – Exceptional creativity