Dr. George Obeng is a visionary entrepreneur and a philanthropist with a vast managerial experience of over twenty years. He believes that if it has to be done then it has to be done well and on time. He possesses a strong and persuasive negotiations and interpersonal skills, with ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical support requirements and identify potential opportunities. He has several years of experience in both International and local Contract Negotiations.  He has traveled across the globe and has serious international connection.

He studied Chemistry and obtained his BSc from the University of Toronto and he further obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Accounting and Business Administration and a PhD in Economics from the Gordon Brown University. He worked as a Chemical Engineer for several years before establishing Nananom Financial Services and other subsidiary of the Nananom Group of Companies in Canada. Dr. George Obeng is also a Chartered Accountant. His business ventures include but not limited to: Accounting and Taxation, Book keeping and Finance, Mortgage and Loans, Legal Services, Income Tax Appeal, Insurance, Recruitment Agency (HR Solutions), Real Estate, Property Management, Car Sales and Cleaning Services, Manufacturers Representative and Security services. Dr. George Obeng is very reliable on all front. Email: